Art Theft Warning.


Hello guys! I have been blocked from this page for telling them to source their art, but they have been repeatedly posting art without sources. I have traced back several artists, and asked them to credit, but they refuse. 

So please help me out by telling the page to remove uncredited art.

One… last…. photoshoot…

Two cute pics. We were up on the balcony of the Hilton so we got a nice view of the clock tower. I really like the atmosphere this year even if it is the same location. Everyone just seems so … chill. Except for the awkwardness going on in the park it’s so nice. Second pic is of legs. Ronald’s and mine. I have a weird thing for seeing our feet close and the moment was nice, after walking out of the red lion we had a moment to rest on the grass to ourselves and watch the train go by. Also I really like these shoes. They seem like something nagisa would wear, even if one of them has a blood stain. We are heading over a bit later today since the photo shoot and panel are both going on, a little nervous. But excited.

For the first time in forever I’m having a London fog and it’s dairy free I’m so happy

Hi haha so I never use the mobile app so who the heck knows how this will turn out but hi from day zero. Nagisa selfie because reasons. Potentially really big crisis averted and for once my anxiety is behaving. Got a really good feeling about this con.

failed race and what was after it.

Procrastinate what the /fuck/ are you talking about 

Haru and Sousuke Parallels + ep. 9 | Unattainable Dreams 

whelp time to shave my entire body save the hair on top of my head…


Person: Have you seen the new episode of Fr-



reapergrellsutcliff said: (( I can relate to that. ))


:C Oh no. I’m so sorry— I hope that whatever may be going on with you regarding this sorts itself out or you find that magic middle ground.

It almost feels like chance to me, I’ve just noticed a pattern with when I start to really care about people. I’m either

 1) inappropriately affectionate to the point where it’s almost creepy


2) come off cold and stiff and guarded— almost rehearsed-sounding

It’s so hard to find middle ground. I’m slowly getting the hang of it I think, and I have made new friends, but sometimes I feel like we’re not as close as I want us to be and it’s 100% my fault or else it’s just me who feels that way. People get the wrong impression of me all the time so I guess it’s something to focus on… ((sorry for the rant! @@ ))

You're the one that doesn't understand. It's you who cares about all that! I'm not you!
"It won’t have any effect on the match. But don’t breathe a word of this to Rin.